Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service

Crisis resolution for people in distress

The Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service (SCIS) has professionally trained staff available 24 hours a day to respond to crisis situations, providing comprehensive crisis response services to individuals and families 365 days a year. They are the front lines in health and mental health care, and respond to crisis with specialized skills, compassion and the ability to connect people to the support, resources and care required. Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service is comprised of two service units: the 24 Hour Mobile Crisis Service (306.933.6200) and Crisis Management Service.

SCIS helps individuals and all those affected through situations of intensity and trauma. Crisis are unique and varied, and SCIS is equipped to deal with the multitude: suicidal feelings, thoughts or plans; child abuse and neglect; marriage and family problems; relapse of a mental illness; problems with drug and alcohol use and abuse; problem gambling; excessive personal distress; older adults/seniors in distress. Both Mobile Crisis and Crisis Management Service provide consultation, support and referral information for caregivers, families and professionals. For more information, visit the Saskatoon Crisis Intervention Service website or call 306.933.6200.