Prairie Hospice Society

A community vision for hospice care in Saskatoon

Prairie Hospice Society is a charitable, non-profit community organization working to ensure access to compassionate, community based, end-of-life support in Saskatoon.  Established in 2011 and continues to help people live until they die.

Our goal is to enhance quality of life wherever people call home.  We provide one-on-one companionship and nonmedical support for clients and their families, raise awareness, and educate the community and advocate for quality end-of-life care.  We do this by offering these 3 programs free of charge to our clients.

  1. Hospice without walls – providing companionship, socialization, and emotional support. Assisting with practical tasks such as shopping, household tasks and attendance at appointments.
  2. Hospice Now – a quick response service providing assistance for urgent needs such as respite to support their caregiver and transportation to appointments and outings
  3. Bereavement support is offered to family and friends after the death of a client. Referrals and assistance to access professional counselling are made in cases of complex grief that does not respond the friendly support of volunteers.

Referrals can be from the individual themselves, family, or agencies on behalf of individuals of anyone facing end of life by simply giving us a call.

To learn more about this powerful work, visit our website  or give us a call 306.249.5554 one of our caring staff would be willing to speak with you.