Family Service Saskatoon

Strengthening People, Nurturing Relationships, Building Communities

Family Service Saskatoon offers services and leadership that support individuals, families and the community in nurturing safe, healthy and respectful relationships. Strengthening families, addressing violence and abuse, providing parenting support and responding to the needs or families in transition, youth at risk and individuals, Family Service Saskatoon has been a cornerstone of Saskatoon since 1931. Every year they see thousands of people through their varied counselling and programming, constantly striving to build a better, healthier community.

Accountable to its clients, funders and to the community at large, Family Service Saskatoon serves the whole community, reaching out to people of all backgrounds and financial means. Anyone can access these services, and that ever-changing dynamic is what makes Family Service Saskatoon the caring organization that they are. For more information, visit the Family Service Saskatoon website or call 306.244.0127.